Reporting Energy Transition

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22 Sep 2021
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18.30 - 20.00
Zoom Virtual Conference

Yura Syahrul

Chief Editor

Revolusi Riza Zulverdi

Deputy Chief Editor, CNN TV

Aris Prasetyo

Journalist, Kompas

Tenny Kristiana

Researcher, ICCT

Dr. Desy Ayu Pirmasari

Journalist and Fellow Researcher GENERATE

Moderator: Norman Harsono

Deputy Editor, The Jakarta Post
Reporting Energy Transition: How Energy Becoming Headliners in Indonesia’s Media


Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue (IETD) 2021 is an annual forum presented by Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) which every year introduces updates – at various degrees – about the energy transition agenda in Indonesia. After introducing the basic concept of energy transition and building the discourse about this topic further, in the following year the needle has been moved to a more technical domain, and thoughts were provoked to pursue ideas for Indonesia’s long-term energy transition roadmap.

This year, IETD 2021 will focus on the important goal of achieving transition to a zero-emissions energy system by 2050, with discussions around policy framework, technologies, and investments required to reach deep decarbonization of energy systems across five-days from 21 - 24 September 2021. At this level, entering its fourth year, the IETD wishes to bring a more advanced vision and embrace the spirit of working together with various stakeholders, including the Indonesian press community to reach the ultimate objective of energy transition.

Side-Event that Involves the Indonesian Press

Side events are part of the complete features in IETD, presented by Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia (CASE) Project. This project aims to shift the narrative of the energy sector in SEA, particularly in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand towards an evidence-based energy transition, aiming to increase political ambition to comply with the Paris Agreement. The side event intended to contribute to the overall message strengthening and commitment to do follow up after the forum ends. One of the important and appealing side events is the one that involves the press which will be held on the 22 September 2021 at 6.30-8.00 p.m.

The session is open to the public, titled: ”Reporting Energy Transition: How Energy Becoming Headliners in Indonesia’s Media”. Panel of speakers consisted of senior journalists, senior editors and news producers from Southeast Asia and national publications. Speakers would share stories and experience from their country about how they build discourse around energy transition topics, presenting evidence-based journalism, where participants could learn gaps as well as opportunities to raise public awareness at their own environment setting more effectively, and encouraging policy-makers to adopt and accelerate energy transition on a policy level and renewable energy deployment.

This event will run in conjunction with Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue 2021 on its third day, where all the discourse, insights and perspective from the commencement days of the dialogue will be further discussed from the national press perspective. Likewise, any other sessions in this forum, this particular side event will also be conducted online, due to restrictions in the pandemic time.


This event is expected to serve the objectives of:

  • Revealing the current media landscape and latest news development on the energy peripheral.

  • Understanding the level of media knowledge, how the press generally comprehends energy transition.

  • Learning about agenda setting and issue framing, how the press sees and presents energy transition topics and to make it understandable from the general public’s point of view.

  • Identifying how energy transition can be the headliners on media outlets, and influencing decision making through news.